White Glue 125 gr

White Glue 125 gr

Fast white glue for bonding and laminating laminates. Fast grabbing.

  • Aplication: Wood industry in general. Lithographic industry Cardboard industry Handicrafts Ceramics

Capacities available:

  • 125gr
  • 250gr
  • 500gr

Additional Information

  • Color: White
  • Good resistance to ambient humidity, classified D2 according to EN 204.
  • Container with twist cannula. This cannula allows the container to be hermetically sealed and prevents the product from coming into contact with air. It improves both the precision and the application of the container.
  • This adhesive is based on a polyvinyl acetate emulsion. It is a medium viscosity, fluid, milky white, lump-free liquid with a characteristic odor.

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