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Discover the power of innovation with our cyanoacrylates


Cyanoacrylate adhesives are ideal for fast, durable bonds on a variety of materials. Their fast-drying formula makes them perfect for applications that require instant adhesion and exceptional strength. Discover how to enhance your projects with our complete range of formats.

Anaerobics in all formats: the most complete choice for your needs


Anaerobic adhesives are single-component and solvent-free. They polymerize at room temperature in the absence of oxygen when in contact with metals, forming high-strength polymers. They can withstand shock, vibration, high pressure and most chemical agents.

High quality technical sprays


Our spray solutions offer uniform and easy application, covering large areas quickly and efficiently. Whether on porous, smooth or irregular materials, our sprays ensure secure and durable adhesion.

Quality in all your applications with our bi-component adhesives


Magmont bicomponents are adhesives that use a resin and a hardener during the bonding process. They are applied with a dual cartridge dispenser, producing a chemical reaction that ensures strong, solid joints with high strength.

PVC adhesives for all your needs

PVC Adhesives

Our PVC adhesives are formulated for strong and durable joints in PVC materials. Ideal for piping installations or construction projects, guaranteeing solid and high quality joints.

National quality glue for multiple uses

White Glue

Our Magmont white glue stands out for its fast tack. It offers excellent resistance to humidity, classified as D2 according to EN 204, ensuring solid joints, even in humid environments.

Discover our complete line of complements


Maximize adhesion and durability with our complementary products.

Adhesive tapes for the most demanding applications

Adhesive Tapes

Explore our selection of tape adhesives, a versatile solution. From quick repairs to craft and packaging projects, our adhesive tapes offer a secure and durable bond in any situation.